Thursday, June 25, 2015

In October of 1894, the Glen Rest Cemetery became a public cemetery. At this  time the period of existence was 50 years, with business of the association to be conducted by five directors elected by owners of burial lots resident in the city of Kerrville, Texas. The original directors were:  A.C. Schreiner, H. Remschel, W.G. Garrett, B.H. Ross, and Ed Smallwood.  The first burial was in 1881, the grave is of Frvy Momma Darling Hamilton. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances, most of the cemetery records have been lost or destroyed, we ask that if you have any information related to the Glen Rest Cemetery you contact Cecila Shikle-Barlow at Schreiner University or In an additional effort to gather information we have setup a blog we encourage you to post your stories or information.